7 Simple DIY to Decorate Living Room Walls With Urban Style

Boring to have them smooth but do not dare with a radical change, I have prepared 7 Simple DIY's to decorate your walls, fabulous ideas and very easy to do. The best thing about these DIYs is that you do not have to put the house upside down, like when you paint or wall paper, you do not dirty the house, you can do it yourself and in thirty minutes you have a new wall, totally different.

Nothing we saw beautiful Ideas how to decorate your walls and transform the look of your home and other curious ideas of How to add texture and defects to your walls in a sober way, with a touch decadent and romantic, but today we will see a simpler and graphic To change the look of your walls.

7 Simple DIY to Decorate Living Room Walls With Urban Style

1. Golden Studs in Living Room

Urban Walls gives you the possibility to change the look of your house with something as simple as these golden round vinyls, I recommend you use them for a single wall because otherwise you would overwhelm, it would look great in your studio, kitchen or liwing room

Wall sticker ideas in Living Room

 2. A Big Heart Wall Sticker

Another option from the same house, Urban Walls, is this lovely heart with pink or gold color. If you prefer you can do it yourself with water paint, you just have to make a template, print it in pieces in different Din A4, trim it, hook it on the wall with painter tape and paint.

heart decals in living room

3. Wall Sticker with Little Star

Put some stars in your kids bedroom or Living Room Decor with beautiful stars, sticker or paint  the wall in white or dark gray or in a very pastel tone like pink, yellow or turquoise, it's going to look great. Another very original option is to place the stars on the roof.

wall decoration for kids bedroom

4. Triangles in the hall

You cancut it on a satin paper so that when the roller painted on the insole does not get wet and spoiled. Look at these two beautiful ideas, in both they have used the triangle, but in different ways, and that different is left.

5. Beautiful Cloud in Your Living Room

A simple and beautiful idea to paint a cloud print on the walls of a children's bedroom, to do it you will only need, one centimeter, pencil, a template, a roller and white water painting.

In this case they have chosen neutral colors, soft and warm, white on gray, but you can choose black on white, pale turquoise on white, pale yellow on gray or white or peach on mint, both pastel.

First of all with a pencil create a template and point the center of where each motif will be located, so that you know where to place each template and stamping is ordered. Paint a single bedroom wall to avoid overloading the space.

With the technique of the template you can use the motif you like, you can choose a star, a sun, the moon or a heart, it is as simple as downloading a pre-designed free image of internet, print it and then create the template by cutting The silhouette chosen on a satin paper that is not porous.

For other inspiration Fill Blank Space Wall, see DIY Ideas for Fill Empty Walls 

6. Crosses with tape

Do it yourself, print a wall with crosses, change the look of your wall in a quick way, instead of buying the vinyl made the stamping yourself with black tape. In this case we start from a white wall where we will add the black crosses, but you can also paint the wall of mint color and add the crosses in white, or make the combination of colors that you want.

We will arrange the crosses in alternate lines every 25 cm, the even lines will put the first cross in the centimeter 15 and the odd lines in the centimeter 40. These measurements are approximate, depending on the width and height of your wall, you may have to modify them Centimeter above or centimeter down so that it is balanced on both sides. First of all, make a small outline on paper, to see that the crosses are equidistant between the four edges of the wall.

Once you have clear the measurements and know how many you need, cut the tape the same size, about four or five centimeters and with the help of a meter or an eye you see beating the crosses. With this simple DIY you will transform the room radically in a simple, fast and cheap way.

DIY for wall space in living room

7. Black Hearts in Living Room

I tell you, it is a mini decorative vinyl wall stickers in the form of heart and black, can be applied to all flat and smooth surfaces, however on rough surfaces such as gotelé or brick does not work.

With them it is easy to create a new look for your bedroom or study and change the style of a wall in a matter of minutes. If after a while you get tired of the hearts, you simply have to carefully remove the vinyl, not to start the painting, it will take the same time to place them.

wall decor ideas living room

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