2017 Living Rooms Modern Designs

That's an image for a lovely sofa can be placed in a modern living room, with a coffe table and the famous Cora floor lamp which you oftenly see a lot in contemporary interior designs, you can also see how the three framed mirrors arrangment from the bigger to the smaller looks like an arrow pointing towards the floor lamp and makeing some sense of movment in the back wall.

Living Rooms Designs 2015

For all the simplicity lovers; here's one of my favorite bookcase's design, it's very simple harmonic and really gives you the feeling that's the room is very big and comfortable, it makes you feel like home, also the other unit on the side takes the same pattern of the bookcase, the whole room design and the decoration gives a great feeling of self-peace.

Living Rooms Designs 2015

A fair looking coffe table that look so simple yet so modern; although the usage of plastic in design is widely spread in contemporary interior design but still wood gives the modern form with the classic luxury.

Living Rooms Designs 2015

Now what do you think of these designs modern living rooms? And remember..criticizing is always a way to improve your design skills.

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