DIY Wall Decal Ideas for Living Rooms

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I have always believed that the decor of the room says a lot about a person, moreover, the decor is nice to serve as backdrops for your photos or simply to enjoy a room more cute. The problem that many people go by, and I step too, is the size of the room. Mine is small, and you can't put a lot of things on the floor (bookcases, tables), but for a while I beat this one incredible decor and accessory super my face: some comics made rubberized paper with dancers.

DIY Wall Decal Ideas for Living Rooms

I loved face, and turned my passion search papers, comics and details on the wall. Well, I'm going to leave some (including my own) down there to serve as inspiration.

wall decors

wall decal

These decorations can do with things you have around the House like pictures, mirrors, figures molds to stamp on the wall. The friend who gave me these comics that did, i.e. is handmade and for those who have skill and time is super easy to make.

I hope you enjoyed the post and get inspired.

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The wall decoration is the one moment in which you have the opportunity to give your face the House. For this, it is essential that you have at your disposal the right products that express your identity. With a wide variety of items and decorative accessories.In this case we will talk about the decoration of walls which appears to be a major dilemma for some, but it doesn't have to be.

Decorating walls with pictures can be made into various environments of the House as the living room, the bedroom, Foyer, hallway, but this type of decoration are generally more used in rooms where a comfortable more personal, but that doesn't mean you can't decorate the living room wall with pictures, that will depend on the taste and personal opinion.

wall decoration

wall decor ideas

New textures, prints and a rich color chart, do today this decorative element a King Midas, able to transform an environment with a magic touch. Beyond practicality, he restores a wall in the blink of an eye, without ink and no repairs, the paper brings beauty to any layout.

Is uses wall decorative sticker. Made of vinyl, they are very durable and beautiful. They serve very well I want to decorate an environment relaxed until who wants to leave the room more sophisticated and sober. Today it is easy to find decorative stickers you draw, details and even textures.

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