Ideas Decor For That Wall Behind The Sofa

The walls behind the sofa are one of the key pieces to give a charm to most in the room, I honestly think that the decor of these walls is essential to produce the environment, can not go unchallenged.

Wall Behind the Sofa

Today I bring you some ideas of how to decorate these walls, some materials that we can use and how to combine them to do well in the decoration of our small rooms!

Decorating with wall paintings

Frames an item that can not miss at home, a charming decoration.

Standard height for placing frames.

Decorating with wallpaper

For those who want to save money on decorating and have an effect similar to wallpaper can use fabric on the walls.

Garnish with coatings

There are several wall coverings as fillets, mosaics, coconut tablets among others, laminate flooring (same applied on the ground can cover walls)

Mirrors behind the sofa

One of the best effects for those on a small environments, the mirrors expand the space, a single piece the size of the wall can be used, or more cutouts, or only some details, will the taste of each one.

Open niches

A good choice for those who want to enjoy all the corners.

Decorate with stickers

Cheap and beautiful way to decorate the walls.

There to get the doubt gaffe between images, or some cool coating that can make an impact with spots or large espelhão for larger environment.

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