DIY Ideas for Decorating a Living Room Wall

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One of the areas that we had to redecorate and give it our own touch was the dining room. In other post already we have been teaching that before and after some things that we have been changing but the dining room was missing.

It took us almost two years to get down to work and at the end of a weekend we made the whole change. Change generated by the fabric I bought to upholster the chairs I actually bought it to make a pair of cushions. One thing led to the other and ... now we have a dining room a bit more modern.

The furniture of the dining room are the ones that are and we can not change them because when renting is a buy roll, remove the ones we have now, look for a place to store them and then if we leave this floor to put them back ... a roll . So the change had to be with the furniture we have.

If you do the same try the trick that we have done and you will see how you can change the dining room furniture by simply changing the position modules. That and a layer of gray paint to give it a more modern touch.

DIY Ideas for Decorating a Living Room Wall

DIY Ideas for Decorating a Living Room Wall

In the part of the sofa and the TV what we did was to remove the light green color from the wall of the television, paint everything in white and put a shelf to put pictures and sheets molonas. Here comes the fun part because all the pictures and pictures I've made, totally personalized.

That is the idea that I wanted to share with you to give a personal touch to your room. When a few weeks ago the girls of the blog TrĂªs Studio published the post "6 ideas to decorate the wall of the sofa" I remembered my shelf with sheets and I told them that I had done something similar but for the wall of the tv. I recommend reading the post because the shelf was one of six ideas but all are great.

DIY Ideas for Decorating a Living Room Wall

If you want to place a band like ours tell you that it is Leroy Merlin (like almost everything we buy to make hats) and it was a long pine-colored shelf that we cut to size and painted it white. It is placed with two adjustable transparent supports suitable to support shelves

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