About Us

My name is Revie

I love decorating

 I started this blog because I believe anyone and everyone should have a home they love, even though they may not have much to spend on it. You can have a lovely home without spending a ton of money.
Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

After a few months of thinking I decided to create this blog to post ideas about the interior design of the rooms and also to discover the interiors that inspire me.

It is not so difficult to gradually transform your bedroom into something beautiful, you just have the desire and the courage to change and revamp your room regardless of gender (Baby, Teen, Child, Adult)
We will offer you through our blog inspiring ways to add a touch of sophistication to your life.

Need help revamp your room? You do not have enough budget to buy furniture to decorate your own room? Looking for pictures of the most beautiful rooms in the world to be inspired? You do not know what theme to give your room? Are you forced to separate your children's room and you do not know how? Are you ready to redo your room?

We share:
  • Tips to revamp your room
  • Decorating ideas (Full of creative ideas and sound advice)
  • Styles of decoration of the rooms
  • Furniture and accessories Chambers
  • Painting of walls and choosing the most appropriate colors
  • Lighting of the room.
  • The TaChambre blog brings together all the advice in different categories, you can have fun browsing the pages where we talk about styles of the most exclusive room decorations.

I loved that work -- it woke my creative juices even more and I love helping people make their homes more beautiful. But as this blog grew and grew, I knew my heart was here.

I hope you enjoy your time here and come back often!

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