Minimalist Small Kitchen Decoration

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This conception of cute little kitchen can become a source of inspiration for those who need perfect design of the kitchen for a very limited space. The small kitchen design is part of a small house in Germany. The designer has done so interesting and functional kitchen, even in such a limited space. Done in turquoise, small kitchen design is cute and beautiful like a nice area to prepare meals or do another activity.

small kitchens ideas
kitchen ideas for small kitchen

Generally, a small kitchen island is still designed with minimalist minimum applied devices. However, this small kitchen is designed differently. The designer is quite confident applying kinds of accessories and kitchen appliances in the small kitchen. With the intelligent storage and arrangement, things do not look messy arranged on shelves tidy as attractive accessories in the kitchen island. Moreover, the accessories increasingly look special with the bright blue of the walls of the small kitchen.

kitchen decor ideas
kitchen decorating ideas

small kitchen decor

kitchen decorations

Each corner is so functional in the small kitchen decor; act as spaces to store a large amount of things intelligently, including the types of dishes, kitchen utensils, as well as cookbooks. Even the small kitchen is also featured with a breakfast nook with a couple of white chairs in small and light. The fresh air and natural light can enter the small kitchen both by the glass window where a houseplant is placed.

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