Latest Wall Paint Decorating Ideas

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Pretty simple idea to perform to decorate a wall. It has created a mosaic of discs trunks completely covering one wall. Were cut birch logs into slices 2 cm and 4 cm to give some texture wall. To create hooks that can hang coats and bags, some 10 cm to 20 cm are cut.

Wall Paint Decorating Ideas

wall murals living room

This is perfect for decorating a single wall, since otherwise the room (living room, bedroom, office ...) would be too heavy. To make the grid, using a pencil and ruler, draw the vertical and horizontal stripes wall; make sure you keep the same distances for the assembly is the same. Then paint the squares alternating in different colors, pre-taping of paper each, to avoid get away with painting.

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Try to decorate a plain white wall painted in different sizes and colors, with the help of a staff of cardboard circles. If you use plastic, best paint because it dries quickly.

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In this kitchen used two materials to dress up the walls. To cover the front of cooking, has placed a white synthetic panel, which protects the wall, and the rest with orange paint, roof like.

This paper is marked to "peel" and get a decoration in three dimensions. Both what is removed as the bottom left to view a special complementary design. You can choose to take part and that part leave it alone, not to saturate the decor.

Some funny stickers that go beyond the typical decorative detail, they have the extra sensation in three dimensions or loeil trompe.

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This type of decoration for the walls of the house is much more than pictures. Since these are somewhat different, colorful, and of course handmade.

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Wall paint Decorating Ideas

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