Painting Ideas For a Kids Bedroom

Beautiful Kids Bedroom Painting Ideas. The joy of decorating a child's room is that almost anything goes. A child's room reflects the imagination and wild whimsy of childhood, keeping the likes of the child in mind. Some parents choose to incorporate a theme into the room of their child, but for many others, the room is a hodgepodge of ideas and different interests the child.

Themes are often based on the interests of the child at the time. This can be anything from princesses for trains to astronomy. With each topic, consider the main colors associated with the topic. Princess in a room, for example, rose or purple shades work well for a wall color. You can also go with white walls, if you are confident that the walls will not be scribbled on. An astronomy room for kids who love space could work better with the darker walls as black or very dark blue. From there, add the planets and stars on the walls. The black base color will stand out more planets. Some children like the circus to circus-themed rooms should include lots of bright colors. Red, black and white often dominate circuses, so one possibility is red walls with black and white edges.

painting ideas for shild

painting wall for bedrooms kids

painting wall for bedrooms kids

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Or large wall stencils in the room of a child seem to make the most personal room in this child. For Interior kids bedroom Common themes include jungle mural, Noah's Ark, fairy tale castles and underwater adventures. Companies exist specialized in murals in children's rooms, but you can also take on the task yourself, have a family member or friend to do it or your child involved in the process. If your child wants to design his own mural, stencil, it can be easier. Some people choose to stencils, not only scenes, but the child's name or initials on the wall. Stencils come in handy for people who have great ideas, but perhaps not as artistically inclined.

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While ordinary paintings as matte or semigloss work well on the walls, consider finding the types of special paint to brighten the room. Chalkboard paint allows children to write on the walls and clear picture with gum. Use it to a wall or several walls so your child can write on the walls with permission. Glow-in-the-dark paint works well for a solar system on the theme room. Painting moons, planets and shooting stars, so they will be visible when the lights go out. Some stores also sell magnetic paint that allows children to set up all kinds of memories easily.
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