Tips to Repair the Furniture at Home

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The daily use eventually spoil much the most used furniture. This means that one can raise the fact of change. But you can opt to repair them and get them to last longer. Without unnecessary furniture that still has longer life.

Tips to Repair the Furniture at Home

Tips to Repair the Furniture at Home

So, I leave some tips to repair furniture that has more jog on the daily life of a home. With a little skill and patience, great accomplishments will be achieved.

1. Table with scratches:
If the table is made of natural wood, polished or varnished, you have to spend half a gram sandpaper to eliminate the scratch. Then he waxed (with steel wool and wax) or varnished (like brush and furniture varnish). Everything must be done on the board to match the finish and repair barely noticed.

2. Handles comfortably:
Over time, the shooters can get to stay loose because the screw hole tends to become great. To reduce it, the gap must be filled with small pieces of wood. They are cut with a cutter and carefully put in the hole.

3. Furniture with cracks:
Wood open risk by changes in temperature or moisture. You can hide the cracks filling them with wooden slats. Then sanded and given dye to match the tone. Finally, you have to varnish or wax.

4. Lacquered with peeling:
You can try to fill the hole with plaster. Let dry, then sand and chipped the same color as the furniture is painted. If that big is going to notice, but less than if it were small. The trick is to use the same color of the cabinet and apply a gloss varnish. Do not forget that the light colors are easier to conceal.

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