Tips to Treating Device Kitchen

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Home kitchen is often referred to as the center of the household, because this is where the production of 'energy' progress. As the modern lifestyle, the kitchen functions increasingly integrated with the activity of a family, even capable of being inspirational place. However, saratnya kitchen functions must be followed with care and maintenance of your kitchen tools. Observe some tips section below.

Tips to Treating Device Kitchen

Tips to Treating Device Kitchen

• Aroma fresh. To be comfortable cooking cakes in the kitchen, the aroma of stew with lemon juice and a few cloves of boiling can spread the fresh scent in the kitchen minimalist home

• Eliminate the fishy smell. To eliminate the fishy smell in the kitchen equipment, boiled water and salt to boil half. Give a little lemon juice. Rrendam kitchen utensils are exposed fishy for a few minutes. Next, wash with soap dishwasher as usual.

• scent fridge. Take a few drops of vanilla essens, and drops on a piece of cotton cloth to scent the fridge. Enter cotton cloth in the refrigerator that had been cleaned. Eessens essens vanilla can be replaced with fresh lemon or lime.

• special washer fluid. The use of soap often leave sharp smell of soap on tableware. Use a special dishwasher, add orange peel or lemon juice and oil lost so fishy.

• Use a dry foam. Do not use plastic or fiber washer for washing dishes, but using foam wash. Because plastic can not clean the fat.

• Clean the rust and sap on the blade. Use brick powder to clean rust and sap on the blade. This formula is very powerful, and can sharpen your kitchen knives. If there is no powder, can also rub a piece of brick on the surface of the affected pipihnya rust and sap.

• Clean the blender. Simply by running water. Then enter the warm water and lemon juice, blender. Afterwards, wash with dish soap as usual.

Now that some of the information in beautifying your home interior design. Hope it helps and good practice at home.

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